The Good Things Obama Did During His Presidency

Being the first African-American man to be elected the United States president, Barack Obama became one of the most pivotal figures in the world. His achievements during his first term made him to automatically win his 2012 second term and have continued to be the most transformative leader of all times. His tenure began at a time when America was in turmoil resulting from the two wars, the Great Recession, and mass shootings, but because of his unique ideas, he succeeded in leaving the country a better place. Here are the top 10 things he is remembered for.


Passed Obamacare


After the past five presidents failed to formulate a functional health insurance, it was President Obama who succeeded to sign off a law that would create universal health coverage. Also known as the Affordable Care Act (2011), the policy has managed to cover over 32 million citizens who were never covered before. This has not only cut healthcare costs in the country but has also made health care to become accessible particularly for low-income Americans.


Passed into law the Wall Street reform


The president signed into law the Consumer Protection Act of 2011 and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform which would help to re-regulate the finance industry. The law was aimed at ensuring that consumers were protected as banks were to offer “living wills” in order to prevent any chaotic bankruptcies while also limited the banks from trading with the customer’s money. The law was also meant to create a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect consumers against abusive lending companies and products.


Killed Osama bin Laden


Obama had authorized the Special Forces to raid Osama bin Laden’s compound in 2011. The renowned terrorist leader who was responsible for thousands of deaths was killed and several documents associating him with al-Qaeda were recovered.


He toppled Gaddafi


In 2011, President Obama is remembered to join hands with the Arab and European government to overturn the Gaddafi regime in an attempt to defend the civilians of Libya. Muammar Gaddafi who had ruled the country for over 42 years was overthrown by the rebels and killed in October that year. Through Obama’s support, no American citizen was lost.


Improved the image of America abroad


By introducing new policies and adopting diplomacy efforts, he was able to reverse the negative opinion that the world has always held towards America. Between 2008 and 2011, more than 15 countries changed their opinion about the US with an improved attitude of 26%. He pushed for alternative power generation methods


He transformed America’s Auto Industry


Obama injected up to 62 billion dollars in 2009 which was to be used to bail Chrysler and General Motors which in turn would perform massive restructuring to create employment and generate revenue. Since then the industry has created over 100,000 jobs. The biggest automakers were able to gain their top position in the market in 2011. If GM stocks rise, the government is expecting to further see gains of over $16 billion out of the investment.


Overruled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


Immediately he was signed into office, he ended the restriction of the 1990s and formalized a new policy that permitted LGBTQ to serve in the military without discrimination.


Encouraged interstate racing


With a stimulus fund of up to $4.35 billion, he was able to encourage states to apply for the competitive grants that were meant aimed at facilitating education reforms.


Introduced Mini Stimuli


In order to spur the deteriorating economic climate and help families affected by the recession, the president signed several measures in 2010 and 2011 in order to cut payroll taxes and elongate unemployment insurance.


Acknowledged the dangers of CO2


In 2009, the US president made EPA declare the fact that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas, and as a result regulated its production.